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Make gains both physically and financially. Awesome NFTs and VICGems are awaits.
VICSTEP is a fusion between Web3 and fitness mobile applications. This means it uses Game-fi, Social-fi to bring a lifestyle-altering solution.
We have brought the “Move-to-earn” definition to its true meaning by integrating blockchain technology into your EVERY FITNESS ACTIVITY. You can now earn just by burning calories.
Choose one gear out of four NFT types: Techno Sneakers – for cycling (outdoor)
Hyper Sneakers – for running and walking (outdoor)
Classic watch – for all activities (indoor)
Future watch – for all activities (indoor + outdoor)
By performing that activity you will gain health and earn VICGem, which can be transferred into profit.


There are only a few careers where people are paid to work out (Gym Trainer, Model, Actor, Idol…). Most people are either too busy making money or unmotivated to start working out. Everyone wants a work-life balance but they all meet the same challenges:
· Lack of time A large number of people consider fitness activities as time-consuming
· Lack of competitions Science has proven that when people compete with each other, they tend to perform better.
· Lack of instant rewards Results of fitness activities often come after months or even years.


It’s always a hard choice between health and work. So our aim is to make your choice easier by connecting both fitness activities and earning as one. Plus, we added all exciting elements of game-fi, social-fi, and rewards. Combining all these factors we can even build a blockchain fitness community.
With the help of Web3, we hope to accomplish the goal of bringing blockchain fitness to the masses.


· VICSTEP monitors your performance on a daily basis to follow your gains.
· VICSTEP connects one's everyday indoor or outdoor activities to Web3. This program is available on ios and android devices, allowing users to effortlessly monitor their daily heart rate and calories burnt while also supporting them in improving their personal lifestyle.
· VICSTEP allows you to earn VICGem as reward for your journey to a healthy lifestyle.
· VICSTEP2 can even be connected to your smartwatch, giving you real-time data on your heart rate.
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