Gear Attributes

As you hit the “Go” button, a timer will appear and when you start moving the timer will count.
The earnings are calculated following these elements:
Gear types - Hyper Sneakers - Speed cap: 1-9km/h (outdoor) - Techno Sneakers - Speed cap: 6-19km/h (outdoor) - Classic Watch - Coming soon (indoor) - Future Watch - Coming soon (outdoor + indoor)
Overload (Durability) - Your Gears have 100 Overload Points at the beginning. Every minute of moving costs you 3 Overload Points. - When you’re out of Overload Points, your Gear is disabled.
Gemetric (VICGem stats) - VICGem can be encrusted onto your Gear to earn more VICGem - Gemetric indicates the amount of VICGem a Gear can earn - For every VICGem encrusted, Gemetric will be increased by 7 - You can transfer VICGem into $VIC and vice versa - It costs 20 $VIC to encrust 1 VICGem - Each Gear can be encrusted with multiple of VICGem until Gemetric reach 210 - Earning 1 VICGem reduces 1 Gemetric - 1000 VICGem pieces = 1 VICGem (cost $VIC as fee) Repairing
Purchase Power core for 40 $VIC to recover your Overload Points.
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