$VIC is VICSTEP's governance token

1. $VIC

$VIC is VICSTEP's governance token, which function is to reduce inflation. Minting or earning more $VIC is impossible.

- Supply 50.000.000 $VIC and can not create more

· Presale: 60%
· Liquidity: 33,9%
· Team & Partners: 6,1%

- Token burn

· Repairing gear
· Gear enhancing
· VICGem encrust (20 $VIC/ 1 VICGem)
· Buy/Sell VICGem
· Gas fee for selling Gear on the marketplace
· Unlock Challenge
· Cash out

- Fee: Buy 2%, Sell 4%

· 1% of the fee will be added to VIC/VICGem pool
· 5% of the fee to Team & Operating Costs

2. VICGem

· Can be swapped to $VIC on VICSTEP's marketplace
· Share the same buy/sell mechanism as $VIC
· In VIC/VICGem pool, there are 60.000 VICGems initially. The team will not hold any amount of VICGem
· 1% of $VIC Buy/Sell gas fee will be added to VIC/VICGem pool
· The exchange rates of VICGem --> $VIC and $VIC --> USD will be shown in the Marketplace
· VICGem earned by moving can be swapped to $VIC anytime for profit
· VICGem bought from VIC/VICGem pool can only be swapped to $VIC after 15 days